lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014


Photography: Michael Obex
Photo Assistenz: Christian Joaning

In Bangladesh the continuation of this extraordinary textile culture will be facilitated by the appreciation that will be revived through Didi Textiles. For our parts in the world there might be even more to learn: In a way the project can be seen as an attempt to turn the usual trade flow upside-down. Normally the Global North is producing it´s jeans and t-shirts in the Global South. Once worn out the clothes are sent back, often with the result of destroying local cultures and markets. With Didi textiles the worn-out clothes are sent in a high quality from the Global South to the North leaving us with the question how to value our everyday culture. For us in the industrialized countries these textiles can be an inspiration and motivation towards the art of recycling and craftsmanship as well as strengthening the sensibility to discover the beauty in the used and ordinary.