lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014


The majority of Bangladeshis live in rural areas. Rudrapur, which stands for many villages in Bangladesh shows how people are able to build their habitat with their own resources: using their hands, local mud and bamboo. They produce food and many daily goods themselves. The neighbourhoods have developed over generations and social networks are strong. Women feel comfortable to be outside, children enjoy their village as a fantastic and safe playground. Elderly people find places to keep watch over a goat and to chat under a tree.

But there is a lack of jobs. This is why people leave their villages.

From all around the country people move to the urban textile production hubs.
They leave their own homes in the villages to stay in rented rooms.
They pay for childcare, for water, for sanitation, for transportation.

Women don`t feel safe in public areas.

There is another way; an alternative which avoids the pressure caused by the demand for mass-produced clothes.
Didi Textiles are designed for a decentralized production in the village.